Bare floorboards

I sometimes have a dream, a recurring dream I suppose…

In the dream, I am walking through the house that I lived in when I was a child. The house often appears very bright with white painted walls and bare floorboards. The house echoes, there is a sense of emptiness.

There is a point in the dream when I try to look through the window in the front room; I want to look out into the street, however, I am unable to peer through the window as it is always placed too high in the wall. The only way that I will be able to look out of the window is to find a chair, but there are no chairs, no furniture… the house is empty.

It has taken me a while to work out what is happening, but I think I now understand.

In the dream I am not an adult, I am a child, I cannot see out the window because I am a small 10-year-old boy.

Posted: by Leeroy.

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