Mr Approachable

I leave the house for the first time in three days…

I have been stuck in front the of the computer screen for hours, fighting with CSS and various annoying browser bugs. I have to get out of the house; my brain feels like it might explode. Its been raining, that non-stop drizzly rain, it reminds me of living in Wales!

I don the appropriate weather gear, pull a hat over my head, and make my way to Sainsburys. I am only five minutes out of the house when I hear someone shouting “hello, hello” at my back.

I ignore the calls; I have been living in the city long enough not to respond to everyone who calls out in the street. The man shouts again, this time there is some urgency in his voice. I stop to face him and ask him what he wants.

He says something like ‘Mwubson’, I ask him to repeat, and he speaks the same word again. I apologise and tell him that I cannot understand. He appears unconcerned; smiles and walks away. I continue with my journey to the shops.

In the chilled meat section of Sainsburys, someone else demands my attention. The man has an Eastern-European accent, he is pointing at a package of chicken legs. He quizzes me about the label. The label states ‘Buy one and get one free’. I tell him that this is correct, buy one piece of chicken and get another one free. He gives me a worried look and then adds the items to his basket. I leave him pondering this strange new information; I briefly look back at him, the worried expression has been replaced with a smile.

On the way home a motorbike pulls up next to me. The man on the bike shouts something, I cannot hear above the sound of his bike. He tries again, this time I lift my hat from over my ears, I hear him say ‘Walthamstow?” I tell him he is on the right road, but going the wrong way. He thanks me, rides away, now heading in the right direction.

Most days I move through this city like a ghost, I feel as if I am invisible.

Today however, I am… Mr Approachable!

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