Two ‘incidents’

7.30AM. I wake, rub my eyes, and get out of bed; I begin the daily ritual of preparing breakfast, bathing, and getting myself ready for work.

As I dutifully complete these morning tasks, I consciously and half consciously ingest a vast amount of news; the information almost spews itself from the TV, Radio, and the Internet.

This mornings various media outlets have decided to run the Soham murder trail as their top story, they examine, scrutinise, evaluate and gratuitously sensationalise the whole sorry affair. A few other ‘top’ stories emerge; the Chancellors pre-budget speech is under the spotlight and we are told that a rugby player will meet the Queen to receive an MBE.

Meanwhile in a far away land called Afghanistan 15 Children have lost their young lives. They have been murdered by the most powerful country on the planet. A spokesman for the American Military apologies about the ‘two incidents’ he states…

“The victims were partly to blame for being at a site used by militants to store munitions”. The spokesman goes on to say… “We are not completely responsible for the consequences”.

This story only appears to warrant a few paragraphs on the second pages of some of the newspapers and has the status of being the last news item on the TV and Radio.

…by the evening, the story is completely dropped by the UK’s TV news networks.

Posted: by Leeroy.

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